Sunday, July 7, 2013

fairy wands and spider webs

Sunday mornings are usually very lazy mornings around our house. I love that about Sunday mornings. But in an effort to try a new craft with Bun, I did a quick search on the interwebs and found some new sites with really inspiring - and simple-looking - craft ideas.

I'm really drawn to all of the handwork emphasized in the Waldorf schools, so that's where my search began and it ended on this site, which somehow connected me with this one.

Fairy wands! Such a great idea, and seemed perfect for a three-year-old with a somewhat limited attention span and developing motor skills.

We picked out a sturdy branch, some multicolored yarn and some beads. Then she sat in my lap and wound the yard around the branch, adding a bead here and there as she went.

I just helped guide things along, but it was really the perfect craft for her. Creative and quick with magical results!

For a slightly more ambitious project, we tried to make a woven sun, like the one here. We cut off six branches of equal length from our apple tree, and then laid them out like a star.

The weaving bit wasn't complicated (just over and under the branches around in a circle), but a little too much for the little one. So she picked out the colors of yarn and cut them for me. Then she picked out the tree where we should hang our "spider web."

She's right. It does look more like a spider web... and a colorful one! The whole project was also really quick and satisfying and looks really pretty guarding over our vegetable garden.

 I'm newly inspired by the sites I found this morning. Especially this one. Can a fairy garden be far behind...?

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  1. I love craft activities like these! I've had so much fun over the years making fairy wands and dreamcatchers with my kids. It's the best! (Btw, thanks so much for coming over and visiting my blog!)


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