Sunday, June 23, 2013

meet Coco and Kiki

Here she is! This is Coco. My first doll attempt. Obviously, not an exact match with the inspiration, but a doll nonetheless! And one that my little Bun was very happy with. I painted on her eyes and little heart mouth and made a very crude dress by essentially sewing a tube with arm holes. No hems, clearly, and then I threaded some yarn through the fabric to gather around the neck and waist.

For my second attempt, I tried to stay a little more true to the original. This time, I embroidered her "star" eyes and sewed on her little felt heart-shaped mouth. The pom-pom might be my favorite addition. Makes me want to figure out a way to incorporate pom-poms into my wardrobe...

I knit her a little shawl (a basic rectangle really) to keep her warm. Her name? Kiki, of course

Best of friends.

Next up... I give the Black Apple pattern a try...

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